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GLUE LESS™ Extrusion

Patended by Roboplast Srl and B4H SA

GLUE LESS™ is the result of an international partnership between Roboplast Srl, leader in extrusion and thermoforming of plastic films and B4H SA, holding company inspired by innovation.

We have the ambition to support development and innovation in the packaging sector, always driven by the need to offer new solutions for our costumers.


The recycled A-PET Metallized GLUE LESS™ laminated film solves weaknesses in conventional technologies:

Top in Hygiene

  • The metallization is sealed and isolated within two APET films without adhesives and solvents.
  • Film coloring completely ink free

Top in Thermoforming

  • Homogeneous film, completely amorphous
  • Incredible flexibility in process temperatures
  • No strain or tension in the thermoformed product
  • No delamination in depth thermoforming (> 100 mm)
  • Best product details response on molding

Top in Brightness

  • With any thickness
  • With any mold depth
  • UV resistant (color doesn't fade)

Top in Recycling

  • Mono-material structure
  • Fully recycled and recyclable


ISO 9001

100% Recycled

100% Recyclable

OHSAS 18001

100% Washable

100% Reusable

ISO 14001

100% Eco Friendly

100% Sustainable





Technical specifications

GL Structure


The patented GLUE LESS™ technology consists of inserting a thin layer of aluminum between two layers of A-PET.

This allows us to create, upon customer request, unique color combinations by customizing one of the two surface layers.

Specific weight 1.35 ± 0.02 g/cm³
Glass transition 78 ± 2°C
Melting point 260 ± 5°C
Width min 300 mm max 900 mm ± 1 mm
Standard thickness* min 500 my max 850 my ± 3%
External diameter max 1.000 mm
Standard colors* gold/gold - gold/brown silver/silver - silver/black gold/black
*customized colors and thicknesses on request

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